ICL Industrial Products (IP) is the world’s largest bromine producer. Building on its bromine economies of scale ICL-IP is continuously diversifying into new fields of applications in the chemical industry.

Products and applications

Starting with bromine, ICL-IP produces a wide range of bromine based products, ranging from flame retardants and drilling fluids to energy storage solutions and effluent control. ICL-IP also manages product portfolios based on phosphorous chemistry, magnesia products and Dead Sea Salts. ICL –IP’s IMI research center provides customized research to the pharmaceutical and chemical industries.


ICL-IP recognizes that the way it responds to the challenge of sustainability will profoundly affect its competitiveness, and perhaps even the survival. To meet this challenge ICL-IP is adopting the most stringent manufacturing standards, and developing products and applications answering the need for ecological and environmental sustainable development.

We, at ICL Industrial Products,  realize that it is the customer who drives our business and creates our opportunities; we must strive to become the customer's partner of choice."

Charles Weidhas – President & CEO

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