ICL-IP recognizes that the way it responds to the challenge of sustainability will profoundly affect its competitiveness, and perhaps even the survival. To meet this challenge ICL-IP is adopting the most stringent environmental standards. Sustainable development for us means combining long-term success and economic orientation with environmental protection and social responsibility. As an international chemical company, ICL-IP faces this challenge in all areas of its operations. ICL-IP is taking steps to reduce, control and manage the environmental risks associated with its activities. This requires encouraging continuous dialogue with ICL-IP’s many stakeholders, which include authorities, employees, suppliers and customers. The goal is to identify the issues that are most important for the Company and to select the most relevant for ICL-IP. By identifying the existing problems, ICL-IP develops solutions that help to address future social needs.

As part of ICL-IP’s policy of transparency it has taken upon itself to report sustainability information through a periodic Corporate Responsibility report based on the globally accepted GRI framework.

ICL-IP is committed to the safe, responsible and sustainable management of chemicals through their entire life cycle, and for their intended end use.